Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angels say "Get out of the way!!"

That's right!! Get out of the way!!  haha!  But really, you have asked, prayed, pleaded for help, assistance and guided so....done.  STOP pleading, praying, asking, fretting!!  It is done or so me and my Angel Peeps say...and so it is.  :)  Let it be now.  Leave whatever it is that is PREOCCUPYING your mind with your Angels for them to work their solution, TRUST that they will do so for you and GET BACK TO ENJOYING "PRESENT MOMENT STUFF"!!  Love your kids, jump through the sprinkler, settle down with a good book, turn up your favourite music...what the heck, DANCE!  :)   and most of all smile...it's gonna be ok :)