Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surround yourSelf with a supportive 'circle of people' !

Have you looked at 'your circle of people' that you have surrounding you lately? the 'circle of events' that you surround yourSelf with on a daily basis? do those people and events truly reflect who you are and how you feel at this time? do they support you? have you recently made some changes, additions/deletions in these areas? 
You are constantly changing and evolving (generally and hopefully for the better!) and as you do so, it is necessary to continually challenge yourSelf to ensure that you surround yourSelf with activites and a circle of people that support you in your growth and help you along in a positive manner.  Of course there are always certain scenarios and people (some family ugh!  haha!) that are necessary to always hold in your circle even if at times they are more'dead weight' (bless them! as it is YOU who is probably been put in their path to support THEM and this is a necessary growth step for you!) than 'support staff' however by and large, it is crucial that the vast majority of people and activities that we are surrounded with are positive and helpful - AND WE CONTROL THIS!! so ensure! that today you are aware of the people and activities you are surrounding yourSelf with - be kind to yourSelf by ensuring that these scenarios are positive! and enJOY!
Keep shining :)