Friday, July 15, 2011

A perfect time for Crystals! - *CHRYSOCOLLA*

If you have any Crystals?  this is the PERFECT time to make sure that they are sitting in a windowsill overnight to ensure that the Full Moon can cleanse them as well and draw out any of the negativity that they have taken on over the last few days/weeks since there last cleansing. There is nothing as restorative for your crystals as a Full Moon bath!
and if you DO NOT have any crystals....this is the PERFECT time to go out there and get some!  Take a trip to your local spiritual store and let your hands run over the crystal area, notice which ones you are drawn to and allow yourSelf to connect with the ones that you feel guided to be drawn to....THEN look up the properties of that particular crystal and see which areas your Soul feels it could use an additional boost in.
Highlighting the properties of CHRYSOCOLLA today :) 
This crystal will assist you with calming, cleansing and re-energizing all of your chakras, energy centres.  It will help you to draw out guilt, heal your heart and help your ability to open up and truly love those around you as well as your Self.  This crystal also helps with communication, confidence and sensitivity (with others, with the world around you and with your own inner SELF)   Chrysocolla reduces stress, tension and promotes the truth and ability to see people and situations objectively.  This crystal is a great crystal to either start with or add to your collection! 
Have a wonder-full and brilliant day today!
Keep shining!