Friday, July 15, 2011

My kids ask "What is so special about the Full Moon anyway?"

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL recharging and energizing full moon cycle that we are enjoying right now!  So wondrous in that as much as it charges and cleanses everything in its brilliant beams of Light (including YOU!) it also relaxes and enhances our sleep so that when we do (finally! sometimes during these cycles) get into our is SO deep and restful that we wake feeling as if we have undergone an extreme healing session....and we have - how wonder-full!  Thank you thank you Mother Nature and our beautiful full moon for offering us these times of restorative healing.
I was explaining to my kids as they were asking me last night "what was so special about the full moon anyway"....most of the month, the moon is certainly there in the sky - sometimes behind clouds, sometimes just a sliver or a full crescent etc -  and we are grateful for it and feel its effects much the same as we do feel the sun on a cloudy day to whatever degree.  However, on those summer days when there is not a cloud in the sky! and the temperature is warm and inviting and the sun's rays are BEAMING down at us kissing our Spirit with its beautiful restoring properties...NICE!  The moon's rays are similar and we can SO FEEL THEM during a full moon has wonder-full connectedness to it!
 Ensure when you see the full moon greeting you in the late evening that you sit or stand outside even for a few moments, turn your face to it's rays (much as you would the sun :) and let the beautiful healing rays of the moon works its restorative magic on your Soul. 
Keep shining!