Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let your true Self shine!

Our Angel message today is to gain a balanced sense of self and our perspective on the world and our world around us and in so doing gain a sense of peace and understanding that surpasses all our expectations. 
If we could try an Angel exercise for a time and train ourSelves not to look in the mirror as we get ready for our day however as we are getting dressed, brushing our hair, applying our different lotions and potions (or straightening our ties guys! :) that we do so only until our Soul, our Spirit says that we 'look good' in so doing we are gaging our appearance by how we feel and not by our surface exterior. Do we FEEL  'put together'? do we FEEL confident? do we have a sense of inner strength today? are we ready to face our day and greet it lovingly and self assuredly?
Same goes for as we walk into a room...REALLY see yourSelf as you see other people's reactions to your arrival to the room.  Do they smile? wave you over? include you in conversation? how do people talk to you? Are they open? do they share? are you approachable? what is it in your manner that people find so easy and comfortable and sincere? and/or what walls do you have to further take down in order to 'get there' for yourSelf and for others?
By allowing You to be yourSelf  - you are allowing your authentic Self to shine through.  The surface You has been allowed to take some time off - the veneer is off and the walls are down....feels good!  :)
By letting your Self shine through you now have a new comfortable and solid view of yourSelf as well. It is suddenly a more  comfortable and confident day as you go forward focused on giving your best Self to others.
Keep shining!
don't judge yourself on how the worl d sees you but let the real you shine out there to yourSelf and to others and feel the peace and strength that comes along with it.