Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let your Angel Team 'draw out' any negativity!

Today the Angels are asking us to allow all negativity to be drawn out of us and in so doing, the positivity that is a part of our whole Soul makeup will have a chance to get a better hold on our actions and observations and thereby continue to take a strong hold on our whole Path forward.

 By visualizing an opening in our Self  that the Angels are allowed to get to and work their magic and healing abilitites as they draw this negativity away from us, we are working hand in hand with our Angel Team to ensure that any negativity that gets past our Divine Shield is taken immediately from us thanks to our synergy with our Guarding Angels.  This is the same negativity that can be latched onto us by being around negative people, toxic situations and environments - and yes!  we have shielded ourSelves with Archangel Michaels help and STILL some of that dark energy can attach itself onto us and if left - can grow like a poison with us -  and so we let the Angels take it right back out!
Imagine that this exit point for negative, harmful energy can be left open so that only the Angels can have access to it so that during our interactions with others as we go through our day spreading our Light...if there is any harmful energy that is attracted to us, with the help of our Angel Team  this energy simply passes directly through us or around us and so is not able to take hold within our brillliant shining Selves.
So today, let your Angel Team take any negativity from you - and leave you full of positive, shining bright thoughts and actions to hold dearly to yourSelf and to share with others :)
Shine on!