Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is SAFE for YOU to be POWERFUL!

It is SAFE for you to be POWERFUL!! Think about it! FEEL it!  All the time we spend second guessing ourSelves, weighing the pros and cons, what will SHE think if I do THIS, or THAT, or don't do anything at all? maybe I should wait to make that decision until I get so-and-so's opinion....oh no! I couldn't be in charge of that committee!! Me?! no!  but....
YES! you can. You CAN be in charge of you and the myriad of different decisions and circumstances that come your way every day, every minute!  Your Angel Team is filling you with cues and clues through your subconscious, your intuition, giving you your 'gut feelings' on decisions and directions. Trust it - and trust your ability to read those clues and then speak with confidence as YOUR OPINION MATTERS!  Your decisions matter and your insight into different situations matters. You were put here on this Earth to contribute to the greater good of people and places that you find yourSelf in the midst of as you work your way deliberately and purposefully along your speak up and speak out and speak confidently! knowing you do so on behalf of your inner are worth it!!
 Shine Brightly!