Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angels surround you with Self Confidence to make positive Change!

Do you feel like you should be making some changes in your life? Do you feel from time to time that there is a specific change you could make that might  (and maybe significantly!) change your life for the better? Do you feel that there is some kind of a gateway that you are 'supposed to' go through in order to continue on your next path, your very successful pathway, your intended path ....and yet in order to get there you must make a some changes in your daily life?
Sometimes the only thing holding us back from making these changes is not fully believing in our Selves enough to have the courage to make the changes, have the inner strength to 'stick to ' these changes and to be able to accept the new opportunities that appear and to make the best of them when they do.
OH!!! SO many questions! so many doubts! so many anxieties! such a 'busy head' thinking of what may happen this way, what may happen that way, what may happen if we don't, if we do....ENOUGH!
All of this 'thinking nonsense' is just that - nonsense! It is in effect, your ego/lower Self trying to sabotage your progress forward for whatever reason....so when the questions start....acknowledge them for what they are (impediments on your journey forward) and go with your inner instinct...follow it where it is guiding you. 
Your Angel Team is communicating with you and subtly guiding you forward by filling you with these feelings/intuitions that will urge you to make the changes necessary to open new opportunities and pathways.  Trust in their full and total support of your decisions and allow your Self to feel the CONFIDENCE they bring forward within you. Feel the fullness of your Solar Plexus chakra as they beam their beautiful Divine Golden Light through your Self and Spirit and  let that Angel glow carry you forward to the changes that you can make confidently now that you know your Angel Team is with you on this - fully and whole heartedly!
Feel yourSelf grow forward and feel the confidence and Self esteem that accompanies taking control of your pathway by following your inner guidance - feel the strength and the new vitality that surges through your entire being and your daily life! Incredulously, you look behind you at all of the emotional baggage you had been carrying around dropped behind you on your pathway....scattered at different intervals as your new found confidence has enabled you to slough off the extra weight, doubts, fears & anxieties as you are able to easily progress forward!  and you know what?  The farther you go - the easier it gets as your trust and confidence in your Angel Team mirrors the level of trust and confidence you have in yourSelf to be able to recognize and take action on the guidance they are providing you with...and so it goes :)
Trust in your Angel Team and their ability to communicate effectively to you through your intuition - and .... enJOY the ride!!
Keep shining :)