Monday, June 20, 2011

Be TRUE to you = be TRUE to your Angelic Guidance!

SUCH  a beautiful feeling of peace as we come to realize that the feelings, emotions and inner instincts that all lay dormant or active (depending on the day, the situation or the particular 'chapter' of your life)....are all different forms of our own Angel Team guiding us towards that part of the Path that would be in our best interests to follow at this time.  Such a feeling of RELIEF as we shift out of the driver's seat and into the passenger seat of the car where we can BREATHE and relax, allow ourSelves to establish and maintain a connection with our guiding Angels.  How do we feel?  What feels 'right'? Do you feel tense because the situation calls for this?  are you in 'high decision mode'? or do you feel tense because you are too used to feeling like YOU CONTROL EVERYTHING and need to shift to the passenger seat?....let yourSelf get used to this idea... that the events, situations and actions of others are NOT all based on the fact that you did or didn't do/say or enable 'something' to just happened that way...with OUT your having to control it. It happened that way because it was SUPPOSED to.  Your Angel Team placed this good fortune/obstacle in your Path because you were meant to learn from it.
So YES!! celebrate Success and KNOW in your heart that you are supposed to celebrate good fortune on your Path!  and YES!! when obstacles are place in your Path - BREATHE! and know that this is there because you are supposed to learn from it and as a result GROW spiritually and emotionally from it hard? yes. It is supposed to be. However, you are not alone as you are surrounded by your Angel Team who will help you and guide you over, around, THROUGH this obstacle. They'll do whatever it takes - you just have to ask for their assistance and trust their guidance which generally comes in the form of inner knowing, instinct and emotional feelings. Trust it and believe and this guidance will become stronger for you. It is YOUR CONNECTION with your Angel Team and it will be as strong as your Belief in their guidance will show them :)
Be true to you = be true to your Angelic Guidance.
Keep shining your Angel Light!