Friday, June 17, 2011

Your Angel Team allows positive changes through challenges :)

It is often when we feel that we have been 'enduring' a situation for some time and while we are not particularly enjoying this phase in our life, we have MANAGED and PERSEVERED and are ticking along quite well (sort of) in spite of the difficulties and obstacles we have become quite used to dodging and edging our way around on a daily basis. In some cases, some of these obstacles cannot even be tackled and so we sigh and 'get used' to having that area of our life blocked....'that's ok' we sigh....we'll just find another way or ... we'll just stay here....sigh.
It is at these particular moments, JUST when we are struggling SO HARD to keep our positive mindset, look for the bright side, 'nail a smile on our face'...that our circumstances take a turn for the WORSE.
REALLY??!! We cannot believe it! In spite of doing our best for ourSelves and for others, in spite of continuing to look out for the BEST  and brightest way of doing things, in SPITE of putting on a brave face and looking forward, staring adversity in the face and protecting our things get WORSE?! Where are my Angels? Why are they not helping me with this??

Our Angels will sometimes 'force a situation' in order for us to REALLY get down to it.  It is during these times that we REALLY understand 'what we are made of' and yes, our Angels do want what is best for us - always.  Our Angels do NOT want us to persevere, put on a brave face, wearily put on all of our baggage in the morning and drag it all over town in the name of getting through another day. 
It is with a shock! that we realize that our situation has taken a DRASTIC turn for the worse that there is a moment just afterwards...(wait for it! :) .... when Strength and Faith come over us! Feel the warmth and calmness that comes with it - filling every muscle and fiber of our being and with it great big cleansing breaths :) so good!  (how long have we been holding our breath??!)
It is at just such a moment when we are able to gain ourSelves BACK from despair and disillusionment to fully realize how MUCH we ALREADY is at this moment that it dawns on us how MUCH we have to be TRULY grateful for and at this moment also, as the light is coming on.....the fighting, cloying, trying, internal arguing....STOPS.  Don't get me wrong, we still have trials and stressors and difficulties and situations to solve  -  but instead of the desparate feelings of  isolation...we now have Faith in our Angel Team.  Faith! comes rushing forward, and we know fully that we will be provided for and as we smile out to the day - opportunities start showing up at our door.  Opportunities some of them that we would never have even CONSIDERED before (nor would they have been shown to us) because we needed to get to a certain level of 'open-ness' that can only be found through finding real adversity staring back at you.

Succumb to the adversity and welcome the Faith and Trust that inevitably wells up in you - smile and let the new opportunities flow to you!  No longer do you have to try to 'push the river' - the river of opportunites now flows to you, through you and with you.  Let the Angels show you their particular style of adversity whenever they need to permanently abolish the obstacles that stand in your way of fulfilling your Divine Path.
Hold Trust and Faith in your Angel Team and know that together you are creating a beautiful and Divine Future for you and all you hold dear.  Keep shining your Angel Light :)