Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Truth & Freedom

What a beautiful couple of words to put together :) and when you can feel those two words right down to your toes...no! right INTO your heart...can you feel it yet?  You know the feeling of when you are peeling off the layers of 'spin' you give yourSelf and others on your daily life and the feeling when you are able to finally 'cut through the fog' of responsibilites and crazy 'to do' lists (some tasks real or imagined in their necessity of even MAKING that list by the way)....and FINALLY are able to tune into your REAL feelings, wants, desires....your Truths.

It is truly awesome to be able to dial through the phones ringing, emails bleeping, text messages twanging, kids activity schedules, work appointments, meeting reminders, grocery store trips, etcetcetcetc..............
.................and when you are able to sit down with your Self and SEE yourSelf, value yourSelf and congratulate yourSelf on being able to manouvre through all of that busy, busy landscape on a daily basis - wow! take a moment to revel in your victory!
  NOW congratulate yourSelf on setting all of it aside, even if just for a few moments while you allow time for yourSelf to unfold and show itself to You - be true to this Self. This Self will guide you through the most dangerous waters, unscathed as this is the Self (your Higher Self) who is most able to tune into your Angelic Intuitive guidance and assist you in any and every situation.  The more you are True to this Self, speaking your own Truth to yourSelf and to others and also  -  BEING True. Allowing your daily actions to SHOW others who you REALLY are - letting your actions speak for yourSelf without any need for conversation. The real truth - your truth - speaks in so many different ways and so beautifully to yourSelf and to others. Allow your Truth to shine today. Inwardly and outwardly - and through your Truth, gain the freedom that comes with it :)