Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Lightworker's Prayer - A wonderful way to stay centred - by Doreen Virtue

The Lightworker's Prayer   I choose to stay centered in the awareness of love, God, and my true self. In this center, like the eye of a hurricane, all is tranquil, safe, and peaceful. My power, wisdom, and peace comes from staying in this center, and I ask for spiritual support from God and his angels to keep my mind aligned with truth.   I willingly detach from the material world, knowing that by so doing, I can effectively help others. I trust God to provide my every need, and I allow His omnipotent wisdom to direct me in all ways. I accept a steady diet of love and joy, knowing that I deserve happiness and health.   I willingly and lovingly release all ego judgment about myself and other people, knowing that everything I want comes from my decision to experience the oneness of all life.   I know I am meant to be a healer and a teacher for God, and I now accept my mission fully without delay or reservation. I surrender all behaviors that would block me from hearing my inner voice, and I happily trust my inner guide to lead me along the lightworkers way, where I joyfully serve as an instrument of love.   I release any doubt or fears I may have about fulfilling my Divine mission, and I now commit to staying aware of my inner Voice for God. I know that this is the only tool I will ever need for my own healing and the healing of the world.   Amen     Doreen Virtue - The Lightworker's Way

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