Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let your Nature Angels help you Manifest Abundance!

Nature Angels are my very favourite Angels - sure I do alot of partnering with the Archangels and rely on their guidance and leadership in so many ways, for my Self and also for others when helping with Angel guidance but the Nature Angels??  ALWAYS make me smile for so many reasons and firstly because they are somewhat FICKLE. Yes, that's right! These particular Angels are fickle!  They are the only faction of Angels that ONLY help you when good deeds have been done ahead of time BY you FOR others - other people, other situations, animals, the environment etc. 
They also remind me that big change, positive change, straightforward direction does not need the BIG fanfare, big stick, 'duck if you hear me' mentality, 'look out boy here it comes' attitude etcetc. haha!  NO! Nature Angels work solely on the basis that you truly 'get what you give' in this world and if you are willing to LET YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES and continually look out for people, situations and your environment in a way that they cannot do for themSelves....then you are inadvertently directly 'paying into the Nature Angels account of good fortune' :)  and THAT means direct manifestation!  period.

Here are some examples of some of the ways in which you can catch the Nature Angels attention to bestow the gifts of abundance to you;    be kind to your children, be kind to all children, go out of your way to be kind to animals including your own,hang a birdfeeder, take the spider that is in the corner of the kitchen outside - instead of squishing it... :(   , take a plastic bag with you when you are on a walk in the neighbourhood to pick up any litter that you see, when you are in the forest or just in your yard sitting under a tree, listen for the stillness and feel the energy in the air and all around you....if you have done your 'Nature Angel homework' then anytime spent outside means they can 'work' on you. 
That's right!  Abundance means also physical abundance, emotional abundance, spiritual abundance....let them work on you!  If you have paid into their Universal account of Manifestation by helping them assist others who are not able to assist themSelves and the environment...then all you have to do is to sit outside or go for a walk and let them 'go to work on you' (*picture yourSelf as a racecar driver pulling in for a pitstop....you just sit there while your pit crew/Nature Angels are busy loosening this off, tightening that up, changing your tires, topping up your fuel etc****or if you are more of a girly-girl then picture Cinderella standing there while the mice in the attic create a ballgown for her and adorn it appropriately and beautifully***no discrimination here!! :)
Once your Spirit, physical and emotional Self have been 'topped up' feel free to ask your Nature Angels to reign their Divine Magic over your bank account and your new business ventures......while you buy the cat some extra special food and some fertilizer for your petunias in the front garden, tossing some carrots under the front evergreen tree cuz you thought you saw a bunny or two in and around that tree the last few days....  Are you getting me now?  It is a wonder-full circle of Abundance and truly the more you Give .... the more you Get .... and the more you are in a position to Give.... the more you feel the pull to GIVE... and around and around :)
Manifest with the Nature Angels and feel the results within your own Life Spirit, see the differences that occur on your Path once you have made a commitment to let your Actions speak for themselves....enJOY the partnership you have with your Nature Angels and allow your own Manifestion to unfold :)
Keep shining your Angel Light!