Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do you believe in Magic? Divine Magic?

Well, your  Angels certainly believe in magic and they are asking me to make everyone a 'reminder bulletin' :) 
To whatever extent you believe there to be Magic in your world, there it will be. Angel Magic is brought into your day with the belief, the trust, the optimism, the faith -- (that BLIND FAITH that tells us to know and trust in all good things that are due to us and to everyone regardless of the circumstances surrounding us.....) -- we have only to believe.
Your Angels are asking you to open your mind and truly let these thoughts into your mind, sure it might seem childlike and fanciful...but they say that children believe in magic and have magical things happen to them because their minds have not been sullied and their imaginations have not been squashed by the society insisting that we deal only in the physical 'reality' of day to day.
 So, go ahead let you mind wander and open to the possibility of Divine Magic being at work for you right now. The more you let the possibilites will begin to see the results and manifestations in the form of coincidences, synchronicities and just plain wishes realized...or something better!! :)
The time to commune with your Angels and share you wishes for Divine magic in your life is during the 1/2 hour before dawn and again at twilight.....go outside and feel the air....the symphony of the birds, the quietness of the air, the heaviness of the silence inbetween the 'world's sounds', the colours of the sky,  the way the ... stop...ticking...and then continues...time and magic are at play here. This is the 'void' of space and time where your wishes, desires, manifestations and heart's full of love, emotion and gratitude are recognized and realized. Be diligent! Spend this time regularly with your Angels! Mark your calendars, and set your watches to make sure you are OUTSIDE at this time making full use of setting your intentions with your Angels during these magical timeframes.  Most importantly, BELIEVE.
Shine your Light brilliantly today :)