Friday, June 24, 2011

Angels guide, protect and enable your Spiritual Growth through Change!

Ok, so there is change and then there is SUDDEN change!! You know the kind, when you are ticking along fairly well in daily life and then all of a sudden (there is sometimes a "universe pause" just before! ha!) something happens, someone says something, or there is a sudden shift within your understanding of a specific situation....that illuminates your entire being and you KNOW within yourSelf 
that ...this is it.
Sure as you are sitting there reading this Angel message, you know that THIS is another turning point - wow! I did NOT see this coming! (ok, so maybe sometimes you DID see it coming but though you still had some wiggle room and might...just might be allowed to 'grow' this process with the easy way this time but NO! here we are diving into the process of CHANGE! just like an ice cold pitcher of water being tossed in your face :) 
So, the second thing we realize is that there is a certain amount of relief that comes with this certain and unmistakable turning point in the road. By there being such a sudden shift...we are no longer floundering alongside the road wondering whether to try to make things better, looking for a crossroads with a guarantee that if we take it ... we will be better off.  Thoughts of 'should we try to find another Path? or am I really better off where I am? well, better sleep on it and maybe I will feel better about it in the morning (and then we say this to ourselves for a year or so...)  Yes, this waffling back and forth is suddenly GONE.  We HAVE TO make the change, grow, move forward and we know that whatever results come from this process are ones that we are meant to undergo ---- as our Angel Team has brought this crossroads, this time of transition and change to us and we can be assured .... for our greater good :)
Our Angels are telling us this morning that all growth comes to us through change.  When "Change" rears up and surprises us....embrace it, trust it and follow the steps that come forward to show themself to you (and they will) knowing that your Angel Team is protecting and guiding you through this time.
Change is good.  Having your Angel Team supporting and surrounding you at all times is even better - make sure you are tuned into their messages and keep shining your own Angel Light forward :)