Friday, January 28, 2011

Dream BIG and stay focused!!

Good Morning! There is a powerful circle of Angels around this morning as we are being urged to stay focused on our goals!  We have had big intentions and have learned through our ever growing confidence to dream BIG and to choose the reality that we would like to have while we walk on the Path, while we are here in this life....KEEP GOING AND KEEP GROWING!! Things happen sometimes to slow our progress, to take the spotlight off our Path so the way forward isn't as clear as it was perhaps yesterday or a few weeks or months ago but...that's ok ~ STAY focused!  Dial back if you will to some of your previously powerful ideas and forward-thinking thoughts, maybe you put some jot notes down on paper - are you keeping a journal of your thoughts, dreams?..did you scribble some intentions on your Angel List and then stow it in a safe place for surrender to the Angels?  (more about that at a later date if you missed that Angel Tip on a previous note :)!!!)   If so, re read your notes, rethink your thoughts  ~ REMEMBER your strength and feel it slowly seeping back into your spirit.  This is YOU ~ this is YOU being guided by your Angels and you ARE strong and can accomplish what and which you are being guided towards. Stay strong and ask your Angels to fill you full of powerful positive thoughts and look only forward! (not even a miniscule sideways glance!!)  move steadily forward :)  Ask Archangel Raguel to help you to sort through your feelings and dismiss the ones that leave you feeling overwhelmed and sedentary....He is the overseer of all of the Angels and Archangels and is concerned with divine order and relationship harmony...INCLUDING the relatonship you have with yourSelf!  Wear an aquamarine crystal to help to bring his guidance around you at this time or slip one under your pillow while you sleep.  Shine on everyone!  Dream Big and stay focused ~ feel the power of your Angels as you move forward ...ever forward :)  Peace & Blessings.