Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 - A Season of New Beginnings :)

 Good Morning and a big strong welcome to 2011 as we fully embrace our Season of New Beginnings :)  This is going to be a wonderful year of revelations and discoveries of our inner selves and of the world around us.  Once again we are able to take off yet ANOTHER layer of realization and become open and aware of our surroundings. The wonder-full ways in which the people in our circle contribute to our journey here and as well we are able to look at our own contributions to the journies of others around us.  However, TODAY we are focusing on our Angel message of 'listening to our intuitive feelings'.  Now, like no other time, is an opportunity for us to start (or continue) a daily practise of sitting quietly in a corner of your home where you are most comfortable, or outside listening to the sounds of nature all around you and feeling the 'elements' whatever they may me!! :)  bracing rain? soft snowflakes?  the rustling wind racing along the streets, through the trees and riffleing our hair? My special time is when I roll right out of bed, put on my coat and boots and set out for a long walk. As i step out the door, I take  a deep breath in and look up at the sky...the soft grey white clouds on a jet black sky , sometimes the clear sky is lit like a beacon in the night with hundreds of stars raining their Light over me (I alwas pick one and make my wish :) and then I carry on, feeling the birds rustling through the trees as I disturb their early morning slumber in the dark morning.  During my morning walk is the time when I can reconnnect with mySelf, pressing the reset button on my inner Self and remembering what a beautiful stolen piece of time it is to be able to be up and thinking my own thoughts without any pressures of the day or responsibililtes yet surrounding me.  I listen to mySelf, my intuitive feelings, my Angel messages as they bubble through my thoughts and inner Self and allow them to take form and guide my thoughts towards others, towards my day and let them steer me in the direction where they are guiding me.  I say a special thank you to my Angels for being around me at all times and ask them to continue to protect and guide me through my intuitive feelings thorughout the day....I promise them that I will heed my intuitive feelings knowing that this is the way that my own circle of protective Angels chooses to  communicate with me first and foremost - I trust myself to trust my Angel messages and guidance :) As I round the corner to come back home I can see the pale yellow glow of another day's dawning in the Eastern sky and I smile - knowing that today like every day I have been given a we all have been given a gift of a new beginning.  Give that gift to yourSelf, feel it and then turn and make sure you give that gift to someone else.  Keep it going. Keep it growing.  Shine a little Light today and right into 2011.  Our Season of New Beginnings :)  Peace & Blessings.