Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Go to your 'happy place' :) and rejuvenate!

Good Morning! and 'Happy December' to you :) Do you ever use that expression ... "I am in my happy place" right now or do you ask others ever (your kids, a friend who's upset)  to 'go to their happy place"?  Maybe a sales clerk has asked you a question and you haven't heard them because you say you are "in your happy place" and then you laugh a little and 'beam' back in  :)
I would like you to think about your "happy place" really ... dial it in- immerse yourSelf there...think back to the different 'happy places' you have had over the course of your years here....has your place changed or has it always been the same?  When I was a child my happy place was a place I called "Strawbery fields" but it was a giant field of poppies mixed with high grasses and hills in the distance (there is a very popular print now of a poppy field which I have a HUGE copy of hanging in my bedroom ~ and not by mistake either!!  :)  but my happy spot now can be of walking through the forest as well...or sometimes at the beach (a gourgeous beach with sand dune cliffs and beautiful bright blue crashing waves...) but usually I float right back to Strawberry Fields...(and yes, I became a Beatles fan later as well but we will stick to the point here!  haah!! I really don't know why I called it that but I did :)
Anyway, how do my 'happy places' compare with yours?  similar? different?  I BET THAT THERE IS A  VERY COMMON THREAD/THEME IN ALL OF OUR HAPPY PLACES.  I would wager money on almost 99% if not 100% of our 'happy places' are all outdoors or have the outdoors involved in some way.  I bet NONE of our 'happy places' are in office buildings, laundry rooms, shopping malls, stuck in traffic, watching TV, talking on the phone....
Are you reading me here??  Today and every day spend some time outdoors!  Even as little as a few minutes to soak in some fresh air will benefit you no end and increase your own connection to your Angels and the guidance they are trying to pass to you tenfold!  and yes, the weather here today is wet, rainy/snowy, cold, damp etc but you know? if you listen you can hear the birds over the other hubbub and while I am downtown, I close my eyes and feel the crisp breeze on my cheeks and feel my skin respond to the elements and I feel tingly and start to smile ~ BREATHE in fully and let the healing powers of Archangel Raphael surround you in healing green energy Light ~ Let every cell in your body and soul respond to the restorative power of Nature and the great outdoors. Get outside and take down the barriers between you and Mother Earth ~ even if only for a few moments.  Get connected - go to your 'happy place' and then come back and move forward fearlessly with your day knowing that your Angels 'have your back'  :)  Shine on fearlessly and fully today!  Peace & Blessings