Monday, December 6, 2010

Peace & our Guardian Angels

Hello!  A warm, embracing message from our Angels and that is of Peace as our Guardian Angels watch over us.  Actually, our Guardian Angels are doing much more than watch over us at this time in that they are guarding us assertively and actively.  They are shielding us from negative energies and situations...the very ones that have sprung up randomly and at will so often over the past few months are having a VERY difficult time reaching us now as our Angels have us contained in a safe harbour where troubles may not touch us however opportunities can enter at will :) 
Please be aware of opportunities coming to you and take advantage of them with a peaceful, confident heart.  Do not second guess options and doors opening (even if it is only a crack right now) just go with the flow as it comes to you.  If you haven't noticed anything specific coming through the door to you as of yet, be patient ... and know that better times are on the way to you.  Enjoy your shield, your bubble of Divine Light as your Angels surround you :)  Note also that the opportunities that are 'making themselves apparent to you'....may not necessarily be the ones that you had specifically hoped for, dreamed for...they may be and yet they may not..those opportunities may be a little farther down the Path for you...or maybe your Path has changed or altered slightly to make way for a different set of realizations.  Be open, trusting and confident as you stay open to receive....receive the gifts your Angels are bringing your way :)  Peace & Blessings to all ~ Shine on!