Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love yourSelf :)

Good Morning! What a truly wonderful message this morning as we come into the day with a greeting from our Angels that a Happy Surprise is on the way and it has to with Love.  Very nice!  Especially at this time of yeear (ironically!!) it is so nice to see that we can 'pare down' all the hustle and bustle of the season, settle down with a hot cup of tea and know that a blessing of love is ... on the way to us!! and before we go tearing to the front window to peek out and see if a florist is coming up our walkway with a fresh bouquet and a mysterious message, or picture ourselves getting whisked off to Paris when we thought we were being taken out for a coffee at Starbucks etcetc (hah! ALL of which might happen and I DON'T mean to burst your bubble!!) but what the Angels are talking about this morning is SELF LOVE. The surprise is the fact that you are not forsaking your loved ones, friends, acquaintances when you choose not to 'buy in' to their stories and sagas of negativity when you choose to 'put your shields up' and focus on the bubble of protection, self love and Angel love that you have around you.  It's ok to shut out the people that 'rain on your parade' and breathe easily as you make a mental list of all the things you LIKE and LOVE about your Self.  Infact, GO AHEAD!! break out the pen and ink and let's make that list a physical reality!! and make sure it's a long list cuz when you really got a LOT going on!  Recount every time you did someone a good turn.  Dial back and remember the kind words you gave someone else, your Self! Remember all the instances when you were  content just being You. Here's the thing......that's all you really need.  Be content with being yourSelf. Be happy being with your Self.  Love your Self with all the Universal love that is available to everyone ~ make SURE you LOVE your Self.  Say it out loud.  Often.  Emphatically.  You deserve it.... Surprise!!  :)  Shine on Everyone.  Peace & Blessings.