Thursday, December 2, 2010

Know and be safe in your own Power!

 Good Morning! A wonderful day today as we come to know that our Angels are telling us that we are safe in our own power :) Archangel Gabriel is around today urging us to familiarize ourSelves with our own internal power and to feel quietly confident as we go about our day today.  Please recognize that there is within us a deep well of unconditional love which we can receive from and also from which we can give.  Life sometimes seems so complicated however truly, it is not. Let's focus now on  peeling away the items on our to-do list that do not have to be there....look at your list and put each item 'under the microscope'...does it need to be there? can it be moved to another day? ...can it be 'struck from the list' altogether??!! Quite often we add things to that list that do not need to be there and only serve to clutter up our minds, lives, days etc.  Get rid of what you can!!  and look at the much smaller to-do list now...are you breathing easier? more deeply?  are you even smiling and did your shoulders 'come down'??  Good!  As we do this we are clearing up our confidence, our self esteem, our power centre and getting that blocked solar plexus chakra spinning again :)  Let the 'things that are wieghing you down needlessly' dissolve into the Angel Light and ask Archangel Gabriel to help you to feel safe in your own power, to realize your own power and to feel your own Divine energy and the energy from your Angels flowing strongly and directly through your soul and Spirit today.  Feel it.  Know it!  and Shine what you can to others you meet today.  Peace & Blessings to all :)