Thursday, December 30, 2010

GIVING & RECEIVING OUR WAY INTO 2011!! *can't have one without the o-o-other!* :)

Good Morning! What a speacial time of year this is! A time to celebrate our past accomplishments, note our disappointments (not to wallow in regret by NO MEANS - our disappointments meant we tried and as a result of it ... we GREW! and that is exactly why we are here on this planet in this life - to grow, to learn, to give and to receive. Keep trying and reaching forward on your Path ~ whatever the outcome, you are continuing and therefore succeeding!  We can look back at the people we have collected in our circle and send blessings to the people whom we have 'bid adieu' to :)  haha!  Let's face it! There are just some people who we are meant to learn from and then move on from.  We MUST insist on surrounding ourselves with positivity and people who lift us up. YES, learn from the others and then return to your power circle of friends, family and acquaintances and let their spiritis raise YOUR spirit! However, while we are on the topic, have you ever loved/respected someone so much that you have felt the need to draw a line in the sand as it were or 'bid adieu' to them in order to protect yourSelf?  Ok, now ~ watch what they do in much do they love/respect you?  Do they turn on their heel and walk away? or do they make some attempt to make amends? do they show you through their actions how they are going to try again a better way?  Remain open to energy, see the Truth for what it is TODAY and by doing this you are keeping your energy moving in the right direction so that other people's energies are open to Yours.  When you close down the circle and cycle of your energy totally towards another...that stops the 'flow' of abundance, of giving and receiving - As we step forward together into 2011, let's make sure we are giving as much as receiving - and let's make sure we are giving so that we MAY FEEL LIKE WE ARE BLESSED ENOUGH TO RECEIVE. Give yourSelf and the people around you every chance to succeed!! What have you got to lose?  but wow!! what have you got to GAIN?  EVERYTHING!
*Just a  quick note as this truly is "The Season of New Beginnings" or so the Angels keep whispering in my ear over the Holidays!  :)  ... give yourSelf the gift of connecting with your real Self now and before  the New Year is here. Go ahead and Awaken your True feels good, calm, whole, blissful, joyful, content.  Know this feeling well as it will be with you so often in 2011 ~ if you lose sight of it...just ask the Angels to restore you to your True Self.  Communicate well with yourSelf,  with others and with your Angels ~ rise above problems as we break free of some of the obstacles that held us back in 2010 and look forward to some Angel Miracle Healing work on our True Selves for 2011!  :)  Help them to help you ~ Ask your Angels for assistance in any area you need, be specific and give thanks for their help :)  Shine on!
Keep shining all and Peace & Blessings to all.  :)