Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forgiveness....and Wish Upon on a Star!!

Good Morning! A firm, forceful and yet magical message from the Angels this morning as we wake up and greet another beautiful weekend :)  What's passed has passed and we are all being reminded ~ in fact, this morning it is being INSISTED UPON that we forgive ourSelves and others as well for past misdeeds of course) but the resounding message as I woke this morning was to do a little soul searching and find the dark shadows in your spirit that are lurking there, you know the shadows where the negative self talk springs up from ??  haha!  yes, we all have those corners that our ego likes to hold onto in order to bring our Spirit 'down' when we deserve to be floating and flying witht the other friendly, light energetic spirits who we most recognize. Your Angels want to take you back up to the heights where you deserve to be.  By forgiving yourSelf of any past misdeeds (You are 'only 'human' right?? and we are HERE to make judgements in error and then learn by them, it's planned, its HOW W E GROW!!)  forgive yourSelf, let go an ANY poor feelings and tiny inklings of lower worth and soar with your Angels...let your spirit, your Joy rise up within you and feel it shining like a column of strength right through your core and out into your world today  :) 
Normally, I would end it here...but another message is also here, just as wish on a star today :)  Maybe you are awake right now and your sky is still dark as well...step outside close, your eyes and when you open them ` the first star your eyes find is YOUR STAR...MAKE your WISH...done  :)  As you go about your day, if you see a decorative star in a store, on a tv screen, painted on a billboard....this is also YOUR star :)  Make another wish!  and of couse, before you rest tonight....find another star!  Keep looking at the stars, shine up to the stars as they shine down on YOU.  Peace and so many Blessings for you all. Have a magical day :)