Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feel your courage and Honour the Truth!

 Hello! A strong message today as we are urged to confront the situations that we have been avoiding.  C'mon you know you have a couple of areas in your life that you have been looking the other way on, finding excuses for and legitimizing why you haven't looked after it yet.  :)  Well, the time is now.  Yes, NOW!!  You are being given the courage to face any situation, person, place or thing that you have felt in the past and even recent past that you just couldn't 'face' up to it.  Take a deep breath in and feel your chest rise, your shoulders come up, your spine straighten....and then DIVE right in!  Whether it's a phone call you need to make, pop something in the mail, confront someone on an issue, stand up for yourSelf (even if it is standing up TO your Self...see the difference?? sometimes the hardest thing is to admit a shortcoming to the mirror...you CAN do it!!)   Go Ahead, you are not alone and by realizing that the courage is inside of you to do just that...you are rounding a very important corner...you are getting back a piece of yourSelf and shoring up the walls of self confidence...yes, by honouring the truth in every situation and to ourSelves we forge a new strong Path right into 2011...it's going to be a great Year!  Feel your Courage and Honour the Truth!  Shine on everyone! Peace & Blessings.