Friday, December 10, 2010

Ascended Masters are guiding you to Success!

Good Morning! As we go into another wonder-full weekend our Angels are telling us that they are not the only ones that are around us, lifting us up, guiding us, urging us forward....the ascended masters are literally surrounding us, whispering in our ears, showing us available paths to travel if we so choose, putting synchronicities in front of us to remind us of how we are cared for.  The Ascended master are those figures like Jesus, Quan Yin, the saints, Moses, Mother Mary, Ganesh etcetc.  They are often associated with religions but you don't have to be religious or be associated with a certain religion to feel their loving guidance and power at your side.  Which of these sounds famililar and do you get a surge of knowingness when you hear a name?  and there are so many that are not listed....latch onto the ascended master that you feel around you.  One of my ascended masters is St Therese and I thank her for her guidance, strength and love by (obviously!! haha!)  'saying so and praying so' but also by repeating her prayer "May today there be peace within...." prayer both out loud and I have it written on the home page of my website as well    I  also print it onto candles and give them as gifts at Christmas.  How do you honour your Ascended Master?  Say a few words to connect with them now as the more you give your thanks to them the more they are able to connect fully with you and lead you down the appropriate path to connect you with your power of Manifestation.  Believe deeply and fully in their desire, power and want to help you reach your dreams.  They are here to guide you to succeed!!
Shine brightly today - inward and outward :)  Peace & Blessings