Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Archangel Michael sets us in the direction of our Dreams!

Good Morning!  We are going to ask Archangel Michael to help us to 'cut our cords' this morning!  :)  We all have cords attached to us (etheric cords) but they work much like the lines they have attached to hot air balloons to keep them on the ground pre lift-off.  Envision if you will that you have taken the time to lay out this MASSIVE hot air balloon and have also taken the time and training courses to learn how to fill the hot air balloon with the gasses - you want to fly, you want to soar, you want to LIVE YOUR DREAM!!   So you work away and gain the necesssary information, training, people and equipment to take flight. Finally, the day has come! You feel you are ready. You know it is your time!!  So you set everything up ~ the balloon is high over your basket, you have everyone in the basket who you have chosen, you are working the mechanics of the balloon with skill and ease.....but you are still on the ground.  why?    WHY??!   You have done all of the legwork! Dotted the 'i's crossed the 't's, filled out the necessary paperwork!  You have mastered your craft....AT THIS MOMENT,   you peer over the side of the basket and see the heavy long ropes that are weighted and keeping you down.  And it dawns on you, that there is more to it than just fulfilling the mathematical equation, than ticking off all the boxes.  Some of these cords represent the doubt and anxiety (the niggling fears you have had about whether you deserve to fly or not...what if you have put all this work in and to no avail?) some of thes cords are negative self talk (flying is for 'other' people, I wish I could do it but let's face it, this type of success just doesn't happen for people like me), other cords represent other people's comments and derisive negative actions and words regarding your ability to achieve something so great ~ those words had no ability to affect you at all but BECAUSE YOU LISTENED TO IT AND GAVE IT CREDENCE IN YOUR THOUGHTS it became one of your strongest cords out there!  Still others are residue from old relationships and destructive patterns of behaviour, self sabotage etc.  WOW!  That's alot of stuff!!  No WONDER there may be trouble getting in the air, flying free....
GOOD NEWS!! Archangel Michael can help ou to cut all of those cords away from your Spirit, your Self.  Simply ask out loud or in your thoughts "Archangel Michael, please help me to cut any etheric cords that are attached to me right now, holding me down, holding me back and creating a block between my Self and my endeavours and dreams here and now.  I realize that any negativity that I have allowed to become attached to me is of no use to me and with your help, I set it free from my Soul to be transmuted into the Divine Light.  I feel lighter, free-er, ever grateful that I can move forward comfortably and positively in the directions of my dreams. Please suround me in a circle of protective Divine Light to shield me from any cords that may try to attach themselves to me as I go through my day today and always. Thank you Archangel Michael"
You can do this exercise immediately upon awakening, just before bed and as many times a day as you like and especially if you are feeling weighed down, heavy or blocked.
Have a wonder-full day today, set yourSelf free together with Archangel Michael and fly high in the direction of your Dreams!!  Peace & Blessings.