Monday, December 13, 2010

Angels Inspire Ideas & Inspiration! Believe!!

Hello!!  Trust in your Ideas and Inspirations!! That's right!  You DO have a very definite idea of where you would like your life to go.  YES! you do ~ however you might not have  any inclination of how to 'get there' or what steps to take to achieve your end goal...that's OK ~ we don't always have to know the'how', in fact sometimes if we DO NOT concentrate and try to figure out the 'how' it enables our Angels to 'do the driving' for us and we are able to spend considerably less time flopping about from path to path and our Angels will guide us gently and easily to the Path that is most convenient and where the footing is more get out of that driver's seat!!  TRUST in your ability to think about your goal, dream about it, spend time in your imagination living a 'day in the life' of your intended goal...enjoy it, feel it... how does it FEEL??!  You are imagining that you have accomplished your dream situation, set of circumstances (whether that is a new job, relationship, house, health level, physical fitness standard, financial gains...)  HOW DO YOU FEEL?  Allow this feeling to wash over you and take control of your current feelings which may be of unworthiness, futility, hopelessness, anxiety, or maybe it's not as bad as all that...maybe you just feel like you are not meant to achieve that level of life.  WELL THINK AGAIN!!  and focus on that FEELING of satisfaction, of generosity, of all encompassing contentment, of a 'job well done' and 'mission accomplished'  - WOW, it was a challenging path, tough at times ~ but I MADE IT!  I did it.  I trusted in my ideas, my inspirtations and I trusted in my Angels to fill me with Faith and Belief at a time when I thought that I was done, out of options.....I kept going  :) 
Let us thank the Angels, our Angels :) for their Grace and constant support, guidance and love :)  Believe, follow your inner guidance, your Angel guidance and Dream Big :)  Peace & Blessings.  Shine on.